9z Racing Took FRD LMP3 5 Hour Esports Endurance Race Win after fierce last hour battle

Source:   Post:2021-02-08

9z Racing, which was teamed up by Hong Kong racers Marco Wong and Kylo Yim, took a commanding victory in the FRD LMP3 5 Hour Esports Endurance Race at Sepang Circuit. 

They finished 50 seconds ahead of their nearest rival, Lallave Motorsports Project (LMP) from the Philippines. 3rd place goes to Legion of Racers, who fought for the lead with 9z Racing in the last hour, but an extra fuel stop made them tumbled down the order.

The inaugural FRD LMP3 5 Hour Endurance Race started at 1:30pm local time on 30 January 2021. Pole-sitter 9z Racing, which was driven by Marco Wong in the opening stint, took an early lead, followed by LMP’s Terrence Lallave. 3rd position was in the thick of battle between multiple teams, including China’s Climax Racing, Hong Kong’s PRP 01 and Gravity Transfer, which were partnered by Clio Cup’s Champion and runners up Ho Sek Yin and Tianyang Zhang. However, all 3 of them were involved in incidents in the first hour, losing valuable time as a result.

After the first routine pit stop, LMP overtook 9z Racing and took the lead. 9z Racing remained in close contact with the leader, while Gravity Transfer and Legion of Racers started to close back in to the top 3 after taking an alternative pit stop sequence. In the middle of the race, Gravity Transfer even took the lead after the leader took their pit stop respectively. Unfortunately, a slow pit stop by Gravity Transfer due to network problem meant they lost over 30 seconds and thus fell out of contention.

9z Racing re-took the lead after the 3-hour mark and started to pull out a comfortable gap. In the closing hour of the race, Legion of Racer’s Dillan Tan set some blistering lap time and closed in to the leader. He took the lead after 9z Racing’s Marco Wong was blocked by an incident. Dillan Tan then started to pull away but when he came across the PRP 01 car driven by Jactin Chung, he was hit from behind and lost the lead back to Marco Wong. PRP 01 team was given a drive through penalty for this incident.

However, it was all academic as of Legion of Racer’s chance of winning as they have to take an extra fuel stop in the closing minutes, meaning that they have to surrender this battle for the lead as well as the 2nd place. Legion of Racers tried to catch up by taking on the soft tires but it was all too late. 9z Racing’s Marco Wong and Kylo Yim took victory, while LMP’s Terrance Lallave and Jether Miole was second, just merely ahead of Legion of Racers’ Dillan Tan and Javier Lai.

Ho Sek Yin and Tianyang Zhang’s Gravity Transfer took 4th, while star-studded line up Jactin Chung and Kato Jim’s PRP 01 can only managed 8th, after being involved in incidents during the race.

It was a very exciting and fruitful afternoon for all of the participants, as many of them were taking part in a race for the first time in this inaugural FRD LMP3 Esports Endurance Race. We will be back soon with more esports and motorsports actions. Stay tuned!