FRD LMP3 Series launches its eSports Endurance race

Source:   Post:2021-01-22

The 24 Hours of Le Mans race is one of the most iconic competitions in motorsport, FRD brought this Le Man race to China in 2017, which is the first ever prototype sprint race championship in China - FRD LMP3 Series.

Thanks to coronavirus the real life race was due to take place, FRD will host a virtual version of FRD LMP3 race that takes place on Assetto Corsa simulation platform.

The race is scheduled on 30 January 2021 at Sepang F1 Circuit, with teams of drivers having to race for 5 hours straight. Teams can made up of at least two and not more than 5 drivers.

Up to now, 12 teams have registered for the race, RS Asia eRacing Winter Season winners also formed teams to continue their eRacing experience through this brand new eSports endurance race.

The first edition of the FRD LMP3 5Hr eSports Endurance opens a new chapter for this China Endurance Series. For us, FRD, for our partner, Cyberport, our competitors and our fans, we are now waiting for the start of this unique race on 30 January.

If you want to drive an unforgettable endurance race with driver swaps in a very special location, join us!!

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